World Health Day Special – Beat Diabetes with these super tips

Diabetes is a lifelong disease that is characterised by high blood sugar levels and it can lead to other fatal disease conditions. The major theme of the World Health Day, 2016 is to beat diabetes as it has turned out to be a serious killer worldwide. Diabetes is indeed curable with strict diet and right medications. According to research, a healthy diet balanced with a healthy lifestyle can manage blood sugar levels, what more, it can even reverse early high blood sugar issues. Let us have a look into the healthy lifestyle that will help to beat diabetes and lead a disease free life.

Follow a Mediterranean diet

For those people who follow a Mediterranean diet, the odds of developing diabetes are lower. It includes mainly plant based foods, including fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains and olive oil. Fish and chicken are also included in the diet but red meat as well as butter are avoided. Phytonutrients and fibre content in the plant food will avoid the rise of blood sugar level and the olive oil help reduce inflammation.

Oats are high in soluble fibre and they are slower to digest than soluble processed carbs. When you consume them glucose is released slowly into the blood and this will prevent the hike in the blood sugar levels. A recent research has shown that if whole grains are eaten daily, then it will lead to less inflammation thereby lowering the odds of developing insulin resistance, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Go for blue

Anthocyanins are the nutrients that give the blue and red colours to blueberries, grapes as well as strawberries. They were found to lower the blood sugar level and control the blood sugar in a better way by a recent study.

Breakfast – The Energy Booster

Skipping breakfast regularly is one of the major catalyst that lead to diabetes. If you skip your morning meal more regularly, then there are high chances of you developing type 2 diabetes. Eating breakfast will help to make the blood sugar level stable throughout the day. A healthy balanced breakfast which is an ideal blend of protein, complex carbohydrates and fat will help you beat diabetes.

Exercise the way to health

People doing daily exercise and always trying to remain fit will have low risk of diabetes. After a session of exercise and hard work more glucose is taken up by the muscles from the bloodstream. As you turn out be fitter gradually, the cells become more sensitive to insulin.

Walk a bit, Beat Diabetes

Studies have also shown that sitting down regularly for hours can increase the risk of diabetes. After every 20 minutes spending near your desk or television, it is advisable to take a walking break. Regular walking breaks lessens the spikes of the sugar levels in the blood.

All the above precautions can help you beat diabetes and can lead a healthy life which is diabetic free filled with happiness and health.

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