Super foods to beat the summer heat

The summer season has arrived and it is clearly visible in the sweat trickling down your face and the irritation caused by it. It is only the end of March, but the atmosphere is too hot and humid to bear. As suggested by weather forecast, this summer will turn to be the hottest one in the century. Most of the places are burning during this hot season and here are the best foods to tackle the heat.

The following super foods contain a lot of proteins to let you stay hydrated and help your body stay cool.

Coconut water is highly nutritious and the ingredients are highly effective in boosting hydration when compared to other energy drinks. It also contains five essential electrolytes namely calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium that make you healthy.

Sweet lime is another summer super food that is ideal for the organs and increases immunity to fight the heat. Summer is one of the greatest reason to include sweet lime in your daily food. It prevents and treats dehydration quenching your summer thirst.

Oranges are another favorite summer food that helps to beat the summer heat. Apart from this it also contains high volumes of Vitamin C that is good for health and a glowing skin.

Mango, the king of fruits is a must have this summer. Even though it is a heat induced food, it is the fruit of the season and best consumed in summer. It also boosts the immune system and helps in better digestion.

Buttermilk, the traditional Indian drink is an excellent choice for the digestive system in summer. It helps to reduce the heat in the body and makes you stay cool from inside.

Tomato is another great summer food that helps to reduce the heat in the body. It has a greater health benefit of preventing cancer. It is juicy in its content and also contains Vitamin C.

Green Beans which can be used in salads to make the body cool is one of the best super food for the summer. It is available in large quantities in the city. Their greatest advantage is that they are rich in Vitamin K.

When we come to the seafood items, salmon is the best fish that is healthy and can be consumed in the hottest season as it is not a heat inducing food. It is also available in abundance.

As rice is the staple food of the country, we cannot complete the list of super foods without mentioning it. Brown rice is a better option when compared to white rice. It is a lighter food to consume in summer and it also helps in weight loss.

We cannot avoid watermelon and cucumber in this list which are the prominent super foods of summer season. Cucumber contains a lot of water to keep you hydrated in this season, so it is a great step to add cucumber to your daily diet. Watermelon is 90% water which helps you stay hydrated and will flush out toxins.

So, enjoy a cool summer season with these super foods, which are available here in plenty helping you to eliminate the fieriness of the season.

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