Benefits of Raw Mangoes

Raw mangoes are tasty, mouth-watering and packed with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and yes, water. In olden days in South India (particularly Kerala), people lived on raw mango and jack fruit. This testifies how our ancestors were healthier than us, even though we claim to eat superior nutritious food today. Raw mango has been an all-time favourite of school going children. The centre of the fruit, if you notice, has a single seed that’s oblong and flat. Most of you must have grown up hearing how children on way to school used to throw stones on mango trees to get their share of raw mangoes.

When summer rolls around, everyone talks about Raw mangoes. Say mangoes and your mouth starts watering.

Raw mangoes are also good source of B vitamins that are beneficial to maintain good health it can be used in preparing numerous dishes.

Due to the presence of vitamin C, they are highly beneficial in strengthening immune system. It helps in throwing away from all waste products from the body. The presence of vitamin C helps to cure cases of scurvy.

To overcome heat stroke, raw mango juice mixed with sugar helps to combat the dehydration and quenches your thirst. It thereby helps to retain sodium chloride concentration in the body.

Blood disorders are also dealt with the consumption of raw mangoes. It increases the blood vessel elasticity and prevents bleeding tendency.

Mango, both in its green & ripe form is a very good tenderizing agent due to these same enzymes, therefore ideal to include in any marinade.

Beneficial in the treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders. Mix one chopped raw mango with honey and salt. Consuming this mixture is very much effective in curing for summer diarrhoea, dysentery, piles, morning sickness, chronic dyspepsia, indigestion and constipation.

Raw mango juice is an excellent astringent that can remove acne. You can boil a slice of a baby mango or raw mango in water and use this water on your face as an acne remover.

Precaution :

We know excess of anything is bad, so avoid eating raw mangoes in-excess. Their excessive intake may cause throat irritation, indigestion, dysentery and abdominal colic. One should, therefore, not consume more than one or two green mangoes daily. If you are allergic to raw mango then avoid consumption or consult your doctor.

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