Quit Smoking for a healthy heart


The World No Tobacco day is observed on May 31st every year. Even though smoking kills, more and more youth is addicted towards it due to the thrill it offers. Nevertheless, it is a negative thrill and it only results in destruction and death. But due to the over excitement of the young age most people forget the damaging effects of smoking and finally it becomes an unavoidable bad habit.

Heart is one of the important organs that is affected by smoking and it is a controllable risk factor of heart diseases and related health complications. A person who smokes is twice at risk of being affected by heart disease. Look at how smoking can take a toll on heart health.

Chemicals found in tobacco will cause damage to the heart and blood vessels resulting in the narrowing of arteries, finally leading to heart attack. Carbon monoxide that is present in the cigarettes will increase the heart rate and blood pressure forcing the heart to overwork thereby leading to serious heart disorders. Most people are either unaware or ignore the fact that passive smoking leads to heart disease and other heart complications to our dear ones. Also, women smokers who are in the habit of taking birth control pills are at a risk of blood clots leading to heart diseases.

When we look at the harmful effects of smoking, we will realise that it is a healthy decision to quit smoking. Quitting smoking comes with a lot of advantages along with a peaceful and healthy life. When you quit smoking the risk of heart diseases are reduced within 5 years helping you to live a worry free life. Moreover, the chances of lung disease, cancer and heart attack decrease greatly.

How to quit smoking?

If you are trying to quit smoking, then the following tips will help you in the hardest struggle of your life.

Cold Turkey is an effective method where you quit smoking without the help of any substitute or supplement for nicotine. When combined with therapy, it is found to be one of the best ways to quit smoking.

Nicotine Substitutes

In this method, nicotine substitutes that will help to replace nicotine craving with harmless equivalents are used. Nasal Sprays, chewing gums, inhalers etc. are the main replacements that are available to quit smoking.


Certain drugs are used as smoking cessation medicines by making this hazardous habit less enjoyable.

Exercising, changes in the diets, therapy counselling and usage of Ayurvedic herbs are some of the natural ways to quit smoking.

Putting a permanent end to smoking is a difficult thing for regular smokers. But with constant effort and support of the family you too can quit smoking making your body free of all fatal diseases. So let’s take a revolutionary decision this May 31st and change life for better.

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