How to prevent diseases during monsoon season?

Rainy season is adored as the most romantic of all seasons and it lends an enchanting charm to God’s own country, Kerala. After the scorching heat of May, monsoon cools the atmosphere and minds of Keralites making life extremely comfortable. Along with this positivity, it is also the season of diseases, as they are spread through contaminated water and humidity. Rains have a tendency to reduce the immunity of the body and make us vulnerable to many diseases. Let us discuss the common illness during the monsoon season and the ways to prevent them.

Many of the diseases are water borne as well as food borne and common cold & flu are the usually occurring diseases. Children are more susceptible to these and the ideal precaution that we can take is keep ourselves clean by washing hands every now and then. Food from outside should be strictly prohibited as contaminated food will lead to many diseases. Dengue, food infection, water infection and cholera are other harmful diseases that will affect you during monsoon season.

The main carriers of monsoon diseases are mosquitoes spreading chikungunya, malaria, dengue fever etc. There are many natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes and also fogging can help. People should be aware of these and they should prevent the onset of diseases by taking precautions.

The following are the symptoms of some of the commonly occurring monsoon diseases and their preventive measures.


Malaria is caused by protozoa and it is spread by anopheles mosquito. The untidy surroundings and the rainy season will provide the perfect background for mosquitoes to breed. Frequent fever, headache, nausea, muscle pain, nausea etc. are the usual symptoms of malaria. As malaria is spread by mosquitoes use mosquito nets and mosquito repellents. Do not allow stagnant water near the surroundings of your home. DDT and other repellents can be used in stagnant water to eliminate mosquitoes. Malaria is a fatal disease, so if these symptoms are shown, then the patient must be immediately taken to a doctor.


Cholera is a deadly disease that affects the small intestine and it is highly contagious. It is caused by contaminated food as well as water and flies act as the carriers of cholera. So this illness spread fast in areas with poor sanitation. Diarrhoea, shivering, vomiting, muscle cramps etc. are the common symptoms of cholera. To prevent this fatal disease, you should only consume boiled water and well cooked food.  Edible food should be properly covered preventing the contamination of it by flies. Perfect personal hygiene and well developed sanitation are some of the best measures to escape from the attack of cholera. If left untreated, cholera can prove to be deadly, so consult a doctor immediately on the appearance of its symptoms.


Bacteria is the root cause of this disease which are spread by flies. There is a possibility of this disease to appear once again even if it is cured. It is also caused by contaminated food and drink. Prolonged fever, headache with severe abdominal pain, diarrhoea etc. are the symptoms of typhoid. In areas that are notorious for contagious diseases, people can get themselves vaccinated against typhoid which will keep them safe and free. Maintaining proper hygiene and consuming hygienic food are the precautions that can help you from being affected by it.

Common cold

It is one of the common diseases of the season and people will easily catch it if they get soaked in rain. It is not a serious disease, yet it can be irritating. Staying away from rain is the best precaution protect yourself from common cold. Sneezing, shivering and fever are the main symptoms, so be wary of them. Always be hygienic and consult a doctor if affected by it.

Enjoy a healthy and safe monsoon with the preventive measures. Children are more prone to monsoon diseases as they love to play in the rain, so make them aware of rain diseases. Let this monsoon season bring showers of happiness and not diseases to your life.

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