Microgreens: Health Benefits

Microgreens are the first two leaves of seeds, It has all the nutrition of a mature plant. There is a lot of demand for radish, sunflower shoot, pea shoot, broccoli, basil, and also a mixed blend, which includes, kale, radish, and onion. The contents of chlorophyll, vitamin A, C, E and K, carotenoids, and enzymes are highly variable depending on what microgreens you grow, where you grow it, when you harvest, and what type of growing medium you use.

How are they grown?

They are grown inside a greenhouse for anywhere from to 10 days. By then, the micro-greens have grown to about an inch tall and are ready to be harvested. They are also best consumed when fresh—so, the longer you keep them in your fridge, the more likely it is that they will lose their natural glow.

Microgreens have more nutrition to offer than mature leaves.

It has been found that young lettuce seedlings that were harvested 7 to 10 days after germination contained the highest amount of antioxidants and health promoting compounds when compared to the mature lettuce leaves. Further studies have confirmed that all microgreen leaves have more amount of nutritional densities than the mature counterparts.

Most of the microgreens are packed with beta-carotene

Carotenoids like beta-carotene reduce the risk of diseases like certain kinds of cancer and eye disease. Carrots enjoy the status of being rich in beta-carotene but even microgreens are a great source of the important nutrient. Actually some microgrens have even more beta-carotene in them than carrots.

Microgreens have vitamin K

Microgreens have vitamin K in them but vitamin K is present in all green plants because it functions as an electron acceptor when chlorophyll absorbs sunlight during photosynthesis. Vitamin K is helpful for humans in promoting normal blood clotting. It also plays an essential role in maintenance of strong and healthy bones. The highest level of the vitamin is found in amaranth microgreens.

Ways of reaping the health benefits of microgreens

If you want to reap the health benefits of micogreens, then you should at them immediately after they are harvested. Microgreens are super foods that are best consumed when fresh. They start losing their nutritional value after harvest rapidly. It would be a good idea to grow your own microgreens at home so that you can decide when to harvest the crop.


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