Let your smile shine with these oral hygiene tips

Everyone loves to have a beautiful smile and to make it happen a good oral hygiene is a must. Also, poor oral hygiene can lead to many health as well as dental issues including gum disease, infection etc. Before going into the tips that will improve your oral hygiene, let us define a good oral hygiene.

Good Oral hygiene will result in a mouth that looks and smells healthy which means that:

  • There will be no debris accumulated in the teeth
  • Gums are healthy pink in colour and will not bleed when you brush
  • Your mouth is free of bad smell

Now let us look into the tips that will help you to maintain good oral hygiene. It is the healthiest thing you can do for your teeth and gums as well as for your overall well-being. It helps you to look and feel good and also make you eat and speak properly.

If conditions of your oral health become worse, then it would be more painful, troublesome consuming your money and time. Hence prevention is always better than cure and daily brushing always help you to prevent the outburst of future dental problems.

Proper Brushing

You should brush thoroughly twice a day and there is a simple technique for proper brushing. While you brush, the bristles should be positioned at an angle of 45 degrees near the gum line. Both the tooth as well as gum line should be touched by the bristles. Brush using a back and forth, up and down motion on the inside as well as the outer surface of the teeth and gums. You should not forget to brush the surface of your tongue and roof of the mouth to clean the bacteria, preventing bad smell. Try to brush at least twice a day to prevent acid build-up that occurs due to the breakdown of food by bacteria.

Clean your tongue

With a professional tongue cleaner, you should clean your tongue regularly. If not done properly, it will result in the accumulation of bacteria on the surface of the tongue leading to bad smell and other dental problems.


It is mandatory to floss after brushing even once in a day. It can help you remove food particles and other harmful wastes that brushing was not able to flush out completely. It helps to reach the inner parts of teeth and gums which are inaccessible to brushing.

Follow healthy food habits

A better diet is another step for a good oral hygiene. By avoiding tobacco you will be doing a great favour to the overall health of your gums and teeth. It will save you from oral cancer and other dental complications. Also, limit the intake of sodas, coffee and alcohol. These beverages contain phosphorus and too much consumption of phosphorus can limit the body’s calcium level. Dental hygiene problems are the result of lowered calcium level leading to tooth decay and gum disease. Change your diet habits and switch on to healthy beverage like milk that will strengthen teeth and build healthier enamel.

Visit your Dentist

To keep your smile glowing you should visit your dentist at least twice a year for an all-encompassing check-up. It will help you maintain a good oral hygiene and help prevent the occurrence of future dental treatments.

If you follow the above tips then you can radiate the world through your bright smile with teeth shining perfect white and healthy.

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