Laughter – The Best Medicine for all your ailments

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An in depth belly laugh is the best ever medicine gifted to humanity by nature and it is more infectious than common cold or fever. It is one of the most loved feeling in the world and laughter can connect people together establishing evergreen connections. Apart from the feel good factor, laughter also provides you some amazing physical as well as mental health benefits such as strengthening your immune system, making you stress free etc. Above all, this priceless panacea is free and you can access from anywhere.

A good, hearty laughter relaxes the whole body relieving you from tension and stress, making your muscles relax for about 45 minutes. It boosts the immune system by decreasing the level of stress hormones, increasing the count of immune cells and antibodies thereby increasing your resistance to diseases. It also enhances the level of endorphins, the natural feel good chemicals of the body, promoting an all-encompassing feel of well-being.

Laughter promotes not only the physical health, but also the mental well-being of individuals. It makes you free from distressing emotions such as anger, anxiety and sadness thus providing happiness to your mind. Relax and recharge with a hearty laughter by reducing stress and increasing energy of the mind. It gives you the courage to discover meaning and hope in the most dismal situations of life. It shifts your perspective in viewing life by shedding light on different points of view which you have missed.

Apart from triggering physical mental health, laughter also strengthens social and family relationships enabling you to lead a healthy social life. It brings about positive feelings and foster emotional connection in your relationships. Many studies have shown that the couple who laughs together will stay together. Shared laughter has been discovered as one of the most ideal tools to maintain relationships fresh and exciting.

If you incorporate laughter and fun into your daily life, it will improve the quality of your daily interactions. Moreover humour can improve the connections with your co-workers, friends and relatives. Humour can help you to be more spontaneous and feel light as well as joyful. It will take your mind away from daily problems you are facing in life. Laughter helps you to forget all types of judgements, cynicism and doubts.  A heartfelt laughter will help you to let go off all inhibitions and will set you free as a person.

Here are some ways to fill your life with laughter:

Smile is the first step towards a healthy laughter. So find reason to smile every day and try to convert it into heartfelt laughter through light humour. Always find happiness in the company of playful people and it will open up new arenas of joyful life.

So recite the mantra of laughter in your life and turn your life into a saga of comfort with a healthy body and mind.

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