Expert tips to reduce stress and feel peaceful

Modern world is witnessing a lifestyle that imparts stress and anxiety to people of all fields. The pace of life has been increased beyond the limits and it has resulted in an increased amount of stress in everyday activities. It is not only a serious health problem but a social issue too and most people are rarely immune to it.  You can manage stress easily by knowing how it affects your body and the potential consequences it bring to the overall health.

Chronic stress affects all the organs of the body including the heart. If stress is activated frequently, then it can result in hypertension, as it will increase the heart rate and blood pressure. Increased levels of stress hormone cortisol can result in clogging of the arteries finally leading to a heart attack or stroke.

The intestinal nervous system is also affected by immense stress. Digestive imbalance, heartburn or irritable bowel syndrome will be the outcome of anxiety. High levels of cortisol can also result in Diabetes Type 2. If you are in love with this life, then you should practice certain stress management techniques which will help you to lead a life free of stress.

Stress is something which you cannot avoid in this busy life, yet you can increase your stress tolerance level with the following techniques.

Make time for yourself every day, which will make you more relaxed and calm. Engaging in physical activities and socialising is another effective method to eliminate stress. Social engagement will release stress reduction hormones and it will provide you with a sense of security. Visiting spiritual retreats will also help to surround your life with positive thoughts and vibes.

Yoga is yet another effective way to reduce stress and make your life effortless. Stress hormones are usually stored in psoas muscle which is situated on the two sides of the lumbar spine. By practicing the poses of yoga, you can stretch the psoas muscle and thus, this ancient science will show you the path towards a stress free life. You can achieve a Zen state of mind away from the hustle of mind through deep breathing techniques. It will release the blood pressure, heart rate, muscle aches and breathing rate.

A change in the diet plan is yet another stress buster. A well-defined nutrition plan and also changing the bad habits like smoking, alcohol etc. will help to reduce stress. Intake of fruits with Vitamin C is a great anxiety reducer which is found to be effective in fighting tension. Chocolate, walnuts, garlic, asparagus, cashews, oatmeal, oysters etc. are also great food to relieve you of stress.

Stress invades our life often as a reaction to negative situations in life. In most cases, it is impossible to avoid stress, but you can develop a positive attitude towards it, by changing your perception of it. It will bring a great deal of transformation to your life in a positive way.

Stress is always known as a silent killer, as it will trespass into our world affecting our social and mental health badly. It is always in the background and hope the above tips will give you an inspiration to cope up with stress and lead a peaceful life.

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