Effective ways to reduce arthritis pain

Arthritis is an extremely painful condition that occurs due to the inflammation of the joints causing stiffness and pain. The most common arthritis is osteoarthritis which gets more worsened with old age owing to the wear and tear of joints over the passage of time. Usually arthritis can’t be cured completely, but of course the treatment really brings a huge relief to the patient. Medications and physical therapy can reduce the pain and improve the quality of life for the affected patient.

We are mentioning here certain useful tips that will help in relieving yourself from this painful condition to a large extent.

Reduce weight

Your body weight is a crucial factor that determines the amount of pain you will experience from arthritis. Extra weight will put more weight on the joints, especially over your knees, hips and feet. By losing weight, you can reduce the pressure on your joints thereby increasing the mobility and preventing future damage.

Exercise will be really helpful

Most people affected by arthritis, usually tend to reduce their mobility due to the pain they experience. But this is a dangerous situation and it will only worsen the condition. The best way to alleviate pain is to do some exercise that will maintain flexibility of the joints. Weight bearing exercises like running, walking etc. are strictly to be avoided, instead you can focus on low impact exercises like water aerobics or swimming that will not add further stress to your joints.

Shift to hot and cold treatment

Hot and cold therapy really prove to be helpful in this situation. Warm showers in the morning can help to ease the stiffness in your joints. For quick relief from joint pains, apply an ice gel pack to the joints and it has been proved to be really helpful.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is an authentic Chinese treatment method, where the needles are pinned to the joints and it will revitalise energies and restore the body balance. Many people believe that acupuncture is an effective method for alleviating arthritis pain. If you want to try this ancient treatment, then you should consult an acupuncture professional with recommendations from the people who have undergone it.


You can cope with the pain with the aid of meditation techniques. Studies have proved that meditation has found to be effective in people with joint pain.

Maintain a well-balanced diet

Omega 3 Fatty acid which is found largely in fish should be consumed to reduce the stiffness and pain of the joints. A well balanced diet as instructed by your dietician will help in attaining a pain free condition. Before taking any natural remedies for arthritis, you should consult with your dietician and doctor.

A Massage is really helpful

Regular massage of arthritis joints will really help to reduce the stiffness and pain of the joints thereby increasing the flexibility. Either you can take help from a massage therapist or you can self-massage by learning it. Before approaching a physical therapist you can ask your physician for recommendation.

The effectiveness of all the above methods will differ based on the body type and disposition of each person. So, it is better to consult your doctor before embarking on natural remedies to relive pain and stiffness of arthritis.

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