Easy ways to manage kidney stone naturally

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Having kidney stone is a painful condition and anyone who have experienced it knows that it is the worst kind of medical problems that one would ever experience. It is a chronic condition that is found usually amidst men and it is one of the common disorders affected in the urinary tract. Kidney stones can be simply referred to as small pebbles that mainly constitutes of minerals and acid salts, most commonly calcium oxalate.

The risk for kidney stones depend upon your gender, age and location. These painful pebbles frequently attack men, but in the modern times the risk of kidney stones has increased by 10 percent for women too. As you grow old the probability of being affected by them also increases. The location also plays an important role in getting this ailment as it is greater in humid conditions, especially the tropical areas.

The incidence of having a kidney stone has been increased during the past 30 years, most probably due to the dietary and lifestyle changes that are not good for health. If one gets a kidney stone, there are chances of having recurring occurrences of it. If not managed properly, kidney stones can lead to more fatal conditions such as obstruction of the urinary tract, damage to the kidneys or even life threatening infections.

Even though kidney stones can sometimes prove to be chronic, with the help of natural remedies, you can prevent the occurrence of one.

Lemon water is the best remedy for kidney stones as it has been accepted by most of the nephrologists around the world. Due to its citric acid content, lemon water helps reduce the stone formation and break the small stones that are on the stage of forming big ones. Chemically, citrate binds with the calcium in the urine reducing the calcium content available to form calcium oxalate stones. It also prevents the tiny calcium oxalate from binding to form large ones and also makes the urine less acidic. Thus drinking lemon water is one of the best possible natural way to prevent the formation of kidney stone.

Another change you can make in the dietary style is to increase the magnesium intake in your food. Magnesium can lower the risk of stone formation, according to certain modern researches and it is found abundantly in food items such as spinach, almonds and cashews. Before consuming nuts they should be soaked to increase the absorption of magnesium by your body.

Above all, the simplest remedy for kidney stones is water, which will act as a magic cure in this disease condition. One should drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water per day, especially if you are in a humid region and it will definitely reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Diet is an important factor in reducing the occurrence of kidney stones and with a change in your eating style you could definitely make yourself free from the fear of Kidney stones. Hope these tips which are natural and easy to adapt will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle eliminating kidney stones from your life.

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