Carrots – The delicious way to stay healthy and young

Carrots, the delicious addition to the cuisine makes your salads and soups finger licking tasty. If you are a carrot lover then here are more reasons to consume this vegetable which is absolutely good for the overall health of your body especially that of digestive system, skin, eyes and teeth.

Carrots form an abundant source of the effective antioxidant beta carotene which is very nutritious for the body. It can help in maintaining a healthy skin by being converted to Vitamin A. As beta carotene is converted into Vitamin A, it provides a healthy vision for you.

Carrots are very useful for the digestive system of the body and aids in trouble free digestion. Eating carrots will enhance the saliva and help in increasing the essential minerals, vitamins and enzymes that helps in digestion. So by eating carrots regularly, you can stay clear of gastric ulcers and other digestive disorders.

Increase in the cholesterol level is one of the serious ailment that is affecting the present generation and it can lead to serious heart troubles. From many researches it has been proved that carrots can reduce the cholesterol level owing to the high amount of fibre content, particularly pectin. According to a U.S government study, participants who ate carrots for three weeks regularly were found to be with a lower cholesterol level.

Cancer is the trending lifestyle disease of the age and it can cause serious trauma to the physical as well as mental health of the patient. The alphacarotene and bioflavonoids in carrots are widely acknowledged to be reducing the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer. The phytonutrient in carrot can help reduce the risk of colon cancer thereby maintaining a healthy colon system.

You might have heard right from the childhood to eat carrots for good eyesight and this advice was absolutely true. Even though carrots won’t cure pre-existing vision problems, regular intake of them can protect against sight issues caused by Vitamin A deficiency. Carrots prove refreshing to the entire health of the eye and it has been proved to prevent cataract, macular degeneration and night blindness.

Researchers recently have come to the conclusion that beta carotene in the vegetables especially from carrots protected the central nervous system against ageing. Thus eating carrots is not only delicious, but also helps you to stay young preventing memory loss. The beta carotene in the carrots is actually a life saver with many healthy advantages, including lowering the risk of diabetes.

Another health benefit of carrots which many of us are unaware is the presence of Vitamin C and Calcium, even in small amounts boosting up the bone health of the body. They are a great energy booster to the post-menopausal women who are much in need of calcium.

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