Age happily and healthily by knowing these symptoms

Once you are born into this world, you can’t stop ageing, it is the rule of the nature which is unsurpassed. Getting older means becoming more matured with the manifold experiences of life along with the problems of ageing. Thus, there are positive as well as negative aspects of ageing which cannot be denied. If you understand the changes that happen in your body and mind, then you could pass through old age happily and healthily.

As the old age happens your skin, bones and even brain start to act differently and by getting to know these transformations, ageing would not catch you by surprise. You will be well prepared to transform ageing into yet another beautiful experience of life.


Bones tend to be more brittle and thinner in the old age leading to a fragile bone condition called osteoporosis and women are more vulnerable towards this.  The thinning of bones and the decrease of bone mass can easily result in falls and broken bones. You can take the advice of your physicians regarding the steps needed to prevent osteoporosis during old age.


There are possibilities of enlarging the heart, lowering the heart rate or thickening of the heart walls. These conditions may not necessarily happen in all cases as a healthy diet and exercise can keep your heart perfect even in the old age.

Brain and nervous system

There may be slight changes in the brain and nervous system as you move towards old age. While everyone is not affected by dementia, you may experience slight forgetfulness. Dementia is caused by damaging of the nervous cells and brain by the formation of plaques.

Digestive system

The digestive tract may become firm and rigid, resulting in constipation, nausea, stomach pain. By changing your diet for better health, you can tackle this problem of ageing.

The Senses

Ageing can affect your senses also that are the windows open towards the world. You may find that your sense of vision and hearing may not be as sharp as it may be. Your body may take more time to react and act. These are the common symptoms of old age and you can overcome with your willpower and with the help of your physician.


Gum disease and teeth decay are a great concern for seniors, but by maintaining good dental hygiene you can protect your gums and teeth.


The skin loses its elasticity with old age, it will tend to wrinkle. If you have protected your skin during young age from sun damage and smoking, then your skin also will remain healthy to an extent, while you ages.

The above body changes are a natural part of ageing, and you need not feel depressed or overpowered by them. You can still do a lot more to protect your body and maintain it as healthy as possible. The following tips will help you in the process of healthy ageing.

  • You should stay physically active by following regular exercise routine.
  • Stay socially active with your family and friends and keep a balance between mental and physical health.
  • Fibre rich, low fat, low cholesterol diet will add great benefits to your overall health. Dump the junk food habit.
  • Never neglect your health in the long run of achieving success in the world. Regular check-ups with the doctor, dentist and optometrist are important in the old age.
  • Always give body the rest and sleep as demanded by old age
  • Quit alcohol and smoking
  • Never forget to take the medicines as prescribed by the doctor

Enjoy the benefits of fine health and happiness in the old age by following the above tips.


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