5 fatal effects of junk food on your health

Junk food is really irresistible and most of us are unable to resist the delicious taste of pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and even our desi vada paav. The new generation is infamous for its unhealthy junk food habits. Food containing very low quantity of essential nutrients and that is rich with fat, sugar and salt falls under the category of junk food. The yumminess of junk food surpasses healthy diet and hence its popularity among the youth. Not only these favourite food are unhealthy, they have certain negative impacts on the overall health of the body. Let us look at the health hampering effects of junk food in detail.

Can trigger Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is spreading as an epidemic in the modern times and the major factor giving rise to this is increase in the consumption of junk and fast food. When you intake a healthy diet, it will provide the glucose essential to maintain the insulin sensitivity of the body. In the case of junk food, more pressure is exerted on the metabolic activities preventing the body from using insulin properly. We are unaware of the fact that junk food contain very low fibre content and hence it will result in hiking up the sugar levels. Obesity is the most visible result of fast food consumption and it is one of the reasons for being affected by diabetes.

Causes fluctuating levels of blood sugar

Junk food contains an increased level of refined sugar and it forces the pancreas to secrete more insulin preventing the rapid rise in the blood sugar levels. Junk food also lack a healthy amount of carbohydrates and proteins, hence the blood sugar level will fall immediately after you eat it. This will increase the temptation for further intake of junk food and also will cause restlessness.

Can result in kidney disease

You already know that junk food is unhealthy, yet you can’t stop your craving for salty chips and fries. Have you ever wondered the reason behind this? They contain high amount of processed salt which will increase the secretion of saliva and enzymes, thereby increasing the craving for them. Bad fats and salt in the junk food destroys the sodium potassium balance in the body and results in hypertension. This in turn affects the kidney as its major function is to filter all the toxins from the body and as time goes by daily junk food consumption will turn fatal to your kidney.

It can even damage your liver

Junk food consumption has the similar adverse effect on liver as alcohol consumption. The high trans-fat in fast food can cause liver dysfunction leading to liver cirrhosis. Most people were unaware of this till recently when a famous Malayalam Cine director died due to Liver Cirrhosis affected from junk food.

It can enhance the risk of cancer

Junk foods lack fibre and this is the main reason for linking them to an enhanced risk of cancers affecting digestive system. Recent studies have revealed that high sugar and fat content will increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

Of course, you can treat yourself to your favourite ice-cream or a tasty candy once in a while. But don’t make it a habit that you will regret for a lifetime. Switch off to a healthy diet, keep illness at bay and enjoy the comfort of a healthy life.

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